LIDAR research code under development is maintained on our internal lab Github by Georgia Tech GitHub Enterprise. Open source code will be released and maintained regularly on the lab public github. If you are interested in any specific work that we published recently but have not released the code yet, please contact our LIDAR authors for detailed information and early-version code access.

SyDeBO: Symbolic-Decision-Embedded Bilevel Optimization for Long-Horizon Manipulation in Dynamic Environments

This repository contains code for our recent work on symbolic-decision-embedded bilevel optimization for manipulation task and motion planning using PDDL and DDP/ADMM. Here we include the source code of Drake and our own addition for manipulation task and motion planning in the manipulation_tamp and traj_gen folder.

Safe Locomotion Navigation in Partially Observable Environments with Rough Terrain

Our CDC 2020 paper code v1.0 is released! This paper introduces safe locomotion navigation in partially observable environments. The source code comprises two components: a navigation task planner and a locomotion motion planner.

Robust Trajectory Optimization over Uncertain Terrain with Stochastic Complementarity

The source code introduces the implementation of a robust contact-implicit trajectory optimization (paper link) for locomotion problems that model uncertainty stemming from the terrain and design corresponding risk-sensitive objectives under the framework of contact-implicit trajectory optimization. The code consists of three components:

Please reach out to Luke Drnach ( for any code implementation details and questions.