Ye Zhao
Assistant Professor in Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Laboratory for Intelligent Decision and Autonomous Robots
Georgia Tech
Ph.D.: UT Austin
Postdoc: Harvard

Graduate Student

Abdulaziz Shamsah
ME Ph.D. Student
M.S.: University of Pennsylvania
B.S.: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Summer 2020~present
Research Interest: Safety-assured locomotion, robust sequential composition
Google Scholar
Ziyi Zhou
ECE Ph.D. student
M.S.: Georgia Tech
B.S.: Northeastern University
Hobby: Basketball, Football
Spring 2019~present
Research Interest: Distributed trajectory optimization for dynamic locomotion, fast contact planning
Google ScholarPersonal website
Zhaoyuan Gu
Robotics Ph.D. Student
M.S.: Carnegie Mellon University
B.S.: Tsinghua University
Spring 2021~present
Research Interest: Experimental locomotion, decision-making and planning for robust locomotion
Personal websiteGithub
Jesse Jiang
ECE PHD Student
B.S.: Georgia Tech
Fall 2021~present
co-advised with Dr. Samuel Coogan
Hobby: Hiking, Photography
Research Interest: Abstraction-based verification and synthesis methods for dynamical systems
Maxwell Asselmeier
Robotics Ph.D. Student
B.S.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Fall 2021~present
co-advised with
Dr. Patricio Vela
Hobby: Embroidery, Basketball, Soccer, Movies
Research Interest: Perception-informed planning for quadrupedal robots
Personal websiteGoogle scholar
Feiyang Wu
ML PhD student
M.S.: Georgia Tech
B.S.: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
Spring 2023~present
Research Interest: Optimization, Reinforcement learning for robotics, and Theoretical machine learning
Zhigen Zhao
Robotics Ph.D. Student
B.S.: Georgia Tech
Fall 2019~present
Hobby: Cooking, Race cars
Research Interest: Symbolic planning and differentiable optimization of long-horizon manipulation, adversarial learning
Yunhai Han
Robotics Ph.D. student
M.S.: University of California San Diego
B.S.: Yanshan University
Fall 2022~present
co-advised with Dr. Harish Ravichandar
Research Interest: Learning for dexterous manipulation
Ziwon Yoon
B.S.: Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
Fall 2023~present
Research Interest: Safe locomotion control, uncertainty-aware planning, legged manipulation
Paul Blum
Robotics PhD Student
M.S.: University of Connecticut
B.S.: University of Connecticut
Fall 2023~present
co-advised with Dr. Stephen Balakirsky
Research Interest: Task and motion planning, deep reinforcement learning, and mobile manipulation
Amelie-Minji Kim
Robotics PhD student
M.S.: Seoul National University
B.S.: Seoul National University
Fall 2023~present
Research Interest: Contact-rich manipulation, robust trajectory optimization
Fukang Liu
Robotics Ph.D. Student
M.S.: Tsinghua University, Carnegie Mellon University
B.S.: Tongji University
Fall 2023~present
co-advised with Drs. Yue Chen and Danfei Xu
Research Interest: Flexible and cooperative manipulation
Jiming Ren
Robotics PhD student
M.S.: Carnegie Mellon University
B.S.: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Fall 2023~present
Research Interest: Safety-critical legged navigation, safe reinforcement learning
Colin Yu
B.S.: Georgia Tech
Fall 2022~present
Hobbies: Photography, Basketball
Research Interest: Tactile Sensing, Robot Manipulation
Chaitanya Mehta
Robotics M.S. Student
B.S.: Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Fall 2022~present
Hobbies: Trekking, DJ, EDM
Research Interest: Tactile sensing for dexterous manipulation, Bio-inspired legged robotics
Robotics M.S. Student
B.S.: Delhi Technological University
Fall 2022~present
Hobbies: Digital Art, Sketching, Gaming
Research Interest: Reinforcement learning for Ostrich-like robot locomotion


Qixian Wang
Visiting student
B.S.: Zhejiang University
Fall 2023~present
Hobbies: Ping Pang, Music and Video Games
Research Interest: Bipedal locomotion foot design and contact sensing
Yash Srivastava
Robotics M.S. Student
B.S.: Vellore Institute of Technology
Fall 2022~present
Hobbies: Cricket, Tennis, Reading
Research Interest: Safe autonomy for UAVs, multi-agent systems, indoor localization
Aaron Zhao
Robotics M.S. Student
B.S.: University of California, Berkeley
Fall 2023~present
Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball, Football, Snowboarding and Biking
Research Interest: Human trajectory prediction in HRC environments
Vaibhav Malhotra
Robotics M.S. Student
B.S.: Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
Fall 2022~present
Research Interest: Foot contact sensing and control for legged systems
William Yates
Robotics M.S. Student
B.S.: Auburn University
Spring 2023~present
Hobbies: Mountain biking, video games, basketball
Research Interest: Trajectory optimization for agile and robust locomotion
Second-year Robot
Georgia Tech (joint host with Seth Hutchinson's lab)
Hobby: Unified locomotion and manipulation
Buzzy Cassie
Fourth-year Robot
Georgia Tech ME
Hobby: Dynamic walking
(special credit to Edward Adelson's lab at MIT and Yu She from Purdue)
Hobby: Tactile sensing and deformable contact estimation
Fourth-year Robot
Georgia Tech ME
Hobby: Dynamic and robust manipulation
Unitree A1
Third-year Robot
Georgia Tech ME
Hobby: Autonomous navigation and surveillance
Unitree B1 + Z1
First-year Robot
Georgia Tech ME (joint host with Fan Zhang's lab)
Hobby: Versatile locomotion and manipulation
Third-year Robot
Georgia Tech ME
Hobby: Dexterous grasping
Mini Cheetah
Second-year Robot
MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab and Naver Labs (joint host with Sehoon Ha's lab)
Hobby: Agile Maneuvering
Visiting Robot
Hobby: Fruit harvesting, Mobile manipulation
First-year robot
Georgia Tech
Hobby: Dynamic manipulation
Allegro Hand
First-year robot
Georgia Tech ME
Hobby: Dexterous grasping

Undergraduate Students

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